A Place with No Power Boundaries

October 29, 2014

By Elizabeth Davis
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At 8 am on an early October morning, I was excitedly running through the Phoenix Convention Center, following the signs in the huge building to the registration area. As I stepped onto the escalator to ride down to registration, I was stopped in my tracks: what I saw took my breath away.

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United Across Borders: she++ Celebrates Ada Lovelace Day in Berlin

October 26, 2014

by Helen Hastings, Co-Director of she++
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Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, is widely regarded as the first computer programmer. The annual Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the achievements of women in STEM, and aims to raise the profile of STEM women by encouraging people around the world to talk about the women whose work they admire. If Ada were alive today, she would likely be astounded by the persisting lack of representation of her gender in technology.

she++ Launches Give 2 Cents, Take 2 Cents at GHC 2014

October 08, 2014

This week, over 8,000 femgineers from all around the world are flying to Phoenix, Arizona for the largest gathering of women technologists--the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Today, she++ is excited to launch Give 2 Cents, Take 2 Cents, an interactive inspiration event at the 2014 Grace Hopper Conference.

One of the most extraordinary things about the Grace Hopper Conference is the way in which genuine, human bonds are formed. An engineer at a leading tech company can share a meal (and some life advice) with a college freshman; an entrepreneur can have a lengthy conversation with a PHD student as they explore the intersection of her research with a new product idea. However, with thousands of conference attendees, you are bound to have countless missed connections.

That’s why the Anita Borg Institute has partnered with she++ to bring you Give 2 Cents, Take 2 Cents (G2T2)! Through this experiment, we are enabling you to record a key insight from GHC and share it with somebody else at the conference through a two-way exchange. Visit one of our 6 Give 2 Cents, Take 2 Cents stations at the conference to write an insight, a compelling story, or a piece of advice on a postcard and drop it into a G2T2 box. In exchange, after 1pm on Thursday and at any time on Friday, you can go pick up another attendee’s 2 cents from the G2T2 box. That way, you will walk away from GHC with a fun, thoughtful and interesting perspective through someone else’s lens--and perhaps learn something new!

So what are you waiting for? See you at #G2T2 at #GHC14!

- The SHE++ Team

Give 2 Cents, Take 2 Cents is brought to you by the Anita Borg Institute & she++.