About she++

The Movement

she++ is a social enterprise that empowers women to make their mark on the technology industry. We believe that when women are equally represented in technology development, we accelerate innovation for those who need it most.

Founded in January 2012, she++ was Stanford's first conference on women in technology. In April 2012, we hosted a lineup of inspirational women in tech--from companies such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Pinterest, among others--and 250+ attendees on Stanford's campus. After positive feedback from attendees, mentors, and the press, we have decided to expand she++ into a full-fledged community that inspires women to empower computer science. Through a number of initiatives, we aim to create community and momentum for female technologists.

Our Mission

she++ seeks to dismantle the untrue stereotype that computer science is not a career for women. We work with the technology industry to create a culture that is more appealing to women, and we work with women to dismantle harmful perceptions that they cannot succeed in the technology industry.

The Team

Helen Hastings


Computer Science, Class of 2016
I never would have considered computer science if I hadn't taken a mandatory class in high school, but now I've found my place in this empowering field that is the spearhead of modern innovation. I know there are others like me who are also one class away from discovering they can make their mark on technology, but don’t think the class is for them, or don’t have access to the class at all. she++ is about reaching out to these people, giving them this opportunity, and helping them do the same to members of their communities.

Reynis Vazquez-Guzman

#include Fellowship Co-Director

Computer Science, Class of 2017
I will admit to anyone that I am unbelievably nerdy and, of course, I am 100% proud of it. Through she++, I want to share my passion for technology and empower others to pursue their interest regardless of any barriers.

Rachel Mellon


Computer Science, Class of 2016
I started studying Computer Science in high school, where most of my peers didn't even know what CS was. More than 6 years after writing my first "Hello, World!" I still love being able to make something out of nothing. she++ is my way of sharing this passion with the next generation by creating opportunities and resources for others.

Hemangini Raina

Press Intern

Undeclared, Class of 2019
Growing up in the Middle East has shown me the broad spectrum of female empowerment, and has led me to believe in the potential that technology holds to transform the lives of women across the world. I have started on my CS journey by taking the introductory course at Stanford, I'm excited to explore how we can make the field of Computer Science more accessible for women!

Nishtha Bhatia

Events/Campaigns Team

Undeclared, Class of 2019
Today, I consider myself a STEMinist. I am fascinated by the applications of computer science, and excited by the intersection of technology with other aspects of our world. As a member of the she++ team, I hope to inspire young women to pursue a career in technology.

Niharika Bedekar

Co-Director of Partnerships

Computer Science, Class of 2017
Growing up, I never thought I'd enter Computer Science because I couldn't relate to any of the mentors in the field. Through she++, I want to help students understand that individuals of all backgrounds and skill sets can make their mark on the tech world.

Jolena Ma

Challenge Team

Undeclared, Class of 2019
A Bay Area native, I have always been passionate about the infinite possibilities of technology, especially to solve important problems that exist in our world today. Through she++, I hope to help cultivate a nurturing community for girls around the globe -- one that assists women in exploring computer science and its role as a tool that touches all different types of passions and disciplines, from the arts to social good .

Maya Israni

Director of Sponsorships

Computer Science, Class of 2017
Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I thought I'd never enter the tech industry. However, after conversations with role models and mentors, the stereotypes of technology in my mind began to crack. she++ provides the community, tools, and relationships to shatter the toxic stereotypes of the tech industry and encourage exploration into the innovative field of computing.

Madelyne Xiao

Press Lead

Mathematical and Computational Science/Comparative Literature, Class of 2018
I'm endlessly fascinated by CS and its applications to linguistics, literature, and design--digital humanities, anyone? With the rest of the she++, I'm hoping to bring interdisciplinary CS exploration to young female technologists the world over.

Kiana Hui

Challenge Co-Director

Symbolic Systems, Class of 2016
I had never even considered computer science before college because I was never exposed to it. Once I started, I was hooked because I realized how many different applications it has. I'm passionate about empowering other girls to pursue the exciting field of computer science, something I know many do not have the opportunity to do.

Nathalia Scrimshaw

Ambassadors Program Co-Director

Symbolic Systems, Class of 2017
I wish I knew in high school what computer science was - there are so many incredible opportunities to apply technical skills to any field you are interested in! I hope to spread the knowledge of what it means to be a technologist, and be a role model for those who may not feel that a career in tech is for them. Within tech, I am interested in applications to Human-Computer Interaction, fashion and video games.

Caroline Debs


Symbolic Systems, Class of 2018
I was first drawn to CS when I wrote a program to compute Pythagorean Theorem in my high school geometry class. Now, I'm excited by all the amazing applications CS has across a multitude of academic disciplines. Through she++, I hope to share my passion for CS with the next generation.

Farah Uraizee

Events and Campaigns Director

Computer Science, Class of 2018
Computer science is my passion, where I find myself constantly challenged and always learning. I joined she++ to make the current tech atmosphere as inclusive as possible, to show that any person has the ability to excel and create with CS.

Annie Hu

Director of Finances/ThinkTank

Mathematical and Computational Science, Class of 2018
I was first introduced to technology during a web design camp in 9th grade, and have been fascinated by the intersection of applied math and computer science ever since. Through she++, I want to help ensure that all women have the chance to explore and feel comfortable in the tech world.

Annina Hanlon

Director of Design

Symbolic Systems, Class of 2019
I always knew I was interested in technology and its many applications in our constantly innovating world, but it wasn't until I took my first computer science class in high school that I became truly inspired by the field and envisioned my role within it. I hope that through my involvement in she++ I can promote inclusivity and help others discover their passion for CS.

Rachel Hirshman

Director of Design

Political Science, Class of 2018
Computer science has opened the doors to a wide range of opportunities for me to bridge the gap between my passions for both technical and non-technical disciplines, specifically in the form of using programming to study the social sciences. I, alongside she++, am eager to provide girls across the country with the resources and support necessary to see for themselves the invaluable skills learned from programming.

Maya Ganesan


Undeclared, Class of 2019
I've been fascinated by numbers and logic since I was a little kid. Even though I grew up in a family of computer scientists, I really got hooked on the field when I began applying my computer science skills to other fields. I'm excited to empower others to explore technology in the context of their personal interests, to work towards a brighter future.

Ngoc Bui

#include Co-Director

Computer Science, Class of 2017
Only a couple years ago, I had no idea what Computer Science was and if I was even capable of pursuing it. I joined she++ to help contribute to a movement that seeks to demystify the field and empower students to see that they can pursue their technical interests.

Shreya Shankar

#include Fellowship Team

Computer Science, Class of 2019
I love solving cool problems and meeting cool people! I'm originally from College Station, TX, where I grew up encouraging other girls to learn math and computer science. I'm excited to work with She++ to get more women and minorities in technology fields!

Cindy Wang

#include Co-Director

Computer Science, Class of 2018
I was originally drawn to CS by an interest in computational political science. Since then, I have had the opportunity to explore all parts of the stack and have developed a passion for systems engineering. I want to encourage all people of all backgrounds to pursue technology as an avenue for whatever their interests might be.

Sabelle Smythe

Outreach & Expert Sourcing

Computer Science, Class of 2016
I took my first CS class on a whim freshman year in college, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the intersections between tech and other fields, particularly biology and other natural sciences, and am passionate about encouraging other young women to pursue opportunities in computer science.

Nitya Mani

Think Tank Team

Mathematics, Class of 2019
I was originally drawn to computer science by my fascination with problem solving in cryptography and complexity. Since then, my theoretical interests have broadened into a fascination for all things mathematical in computer science. Through she++ I hope to encourage more women to pursue computer science and to be unafraid of reaching the most technical or theoretical heights.

Raiyan Khan

College Ambassador Program Co-Director

Computer Science, Class of 2015
I utilize my computer science background in the computational aspects of neurology, radiology and genetics. The permeation of software into medicine is only one example of the many uses of computer science across a number of fields. she++ aims to increase the accessibility of computer science as coding becomes an increasingly necessary skill across disciplines.

Katherine Erdman

College Ambassador Program Team

Undeclared, Class of 2019
Throughout high school, I was blessed to have a female role model and mentor in my computer science teacher. She++ lets me have the same positive impact on other's lives that she had on mine.

Katherine Van Kirk

Ambassadors Program Team

Engineering Physics, Stanford Class of 2019
I've loved programming ever since I took my first CS class. It helps me think differently, and I feel as though I'm always learning something new. Through she++ I hope to give more women the chance to discover their love for CS.

Priya Ganesan

Ambassadors Program Co-Director

Computer Science, Class of 2017
I'm a computer science major excited about the applications of tech to fields outside of software engineering. Growing up in the suburbs of Seattle, I was exposed to technology from a young age and had countless role models in the industry, including both my parents. Through she++, I'm excited to bring a similar supportive community to others.